(typing with just a left hand, so please excuse any mistakes)

So i havnt posted anything in a while because I've been out enjoying the snowboard lots. Maybe a bit too much, as it resulted in a shoulder separation on monday afternoon when I had a big crash close to the Wengen World Cup course. I'd like to thank the Swiss-French couple who helped me out, Rolf the paramedic, the helicopter team, the Dr. in Grindelwald and the attractive nurse that did my x-ray.

I'm all strapped up and full of painkillers now and yesterday went up to Kleine Scheidegg so some fresh mountain air and to enjoy the views. Got some nice photos of the surrounding mountains (click for full size).

Wetterhorn above Grindelwald..
Kleine Scheidegg from the top of the Lauberhorn chairlift.
Monch with Nollen Route going up the ridge on the right hand side. 
Eigergletscher train station.
Jungfrau and Silberhorn

I'm awaiting a call from a specialist in Interlaken about an operation on the shoulder, so staying patient and keeping myself entertained until then.

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