Wednesday evening I moved to a new WWOOF host in Brienz. Hans Grossniklaus ran the garage underneath the house for over 25 years, but now has a business making and selling cheese raqulette toasters.  He also has some sort of alp building at one thousand five hundred and something m.a.s.l. on Axalp, which I'm very interested in seeing. The house in Brienz is very comfortable with wireless internet and all the mod-cons.  There's another WWOOFer from Japan staying here, and she's an awesome cook!

Off to meet some friends in Arosa in eastern Switzerland this weekend. Think the plan is to hitch-hike over to Luzern and take the train from there to Chur where I will meet Conny.

Thats all for now.

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  1. I stayed with Hans as well, just a few months before you did (in May 2010) have you heard anything from him since?