Haven't posted anything in a while...

...so thought I'd have to write something tonight quickly.

Yesterday I went into Bern to meet up with a mate from CouchSurfing. I also bought Ueli Steck's 'Speed' book so I can improve my German (and maybe my speed soloing).  Here's a link to Ueli's website:

Went on a bike ride this afternoon, original plan would have been to do a circuit of the Brienzersee which would have been a healthy 40 kilometers but it started to rain in a bit when I got to Iseltwald, so headed back the way I had came.  It was tipping it down with rain and hail by time I was home.  I'm expecting a fair bit of snow up high.

Didn't have a camera with me so no photos unfortunately (it was pretty grey today anyway so not much point)

That's all for Now. Job interview to in Murren tomorrow, better get horizontal soon so I can be wide awake in the morning!

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